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Be sure to check out the op-ed by retired Milwaukee Area Technical College instructor and former Local 212 Executive Vice-President Charlie Dee that lays out why the secretive plan to merge the Wisconsin Technical College System and the UW Colleges would be a disaster: "The first thing a responsible committee would do is research what happened when other states tried this. It would discover that mergers in Minnesota, Georgia, Alaska, Connecticut and New Jersey have failed to produced expected savings, but instead have created myriad problems."


In response to attacks by Wisconsin Republicans on academic freedom in the University of Wisconsin System, the AFT-Wisconsin Higher Education Council has drafted a statement calling on the UW System Regents and chancellors to uphold protections for academic staff and tenure-track faculty that ensure academic freedom and high quality research and education at every UW System institution.  UW System employees are encouraged to print the statement and display it in their workplaces.  AFT-Wisconsin members are also circulating a petition in support of the statement; to obtain a copy of the


Labor Day celebrations across Wisconsin

Labor Day is just around the corner!  Local labor councils, the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, and community partners will be coming together across the state to celebrate the struggles, achievements, and victories of workers everywhere.  Our sisters and brothers at the Wisconsin AFL-CIO have compiled a list of local Labor Day celebrations throughout Wisconsin - check it out, and help spread the word!


AFT published an in-depth article today on Scott Walker's attacks on the UW System - and how AFT-Wisconsin members are fighting back:

"It's hard to miss the rumble out in Wisconsin: The battle between labor and its union-bashing foes has been loud and long. But for faculty and staff of public colleges and universities, the Wisconsin story is even worse...  'People have been demoralized, and everyone recognizes the new challenges, but it has galvanized a lot of people to become active in the union,' says [UW-Green Bay union member Jon] Shelton."

Read the full story at - and share it with family, friends, and coworkers!


On Thursday, April 7, UFAS-UWEC held its Spring General Membership Meeting.  Members present debated and ultimately passed three resolutions regarding tenure, merit pay increases, and the University's patronage of companies who sponsor the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an organization that supports policies that undermine public funding of higher education. The resolutions passed are as follows:

On Tenure:

Whereas all academic success and progress depends upon intellectual freedom of speech,

whereas tenure was developed as a means to ensure that intellectual freedom of speech, by


On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, the University Senate approved the following resolution in support of tenure at UW-Eau Claire. The resolution was brought to the University Senate after it was approved unanimously by UFAS-UWEC members at their Spring General Membership Meeting. Thanks to all academic staff and faculty who voted for the resolution, and a special thanks to those who worked so hard to make it happen.

Whereas the historic and continuing purpose of tenure is to enable, and ensure academic freedom,
whereas our UW-Eau Claire mission statement commits us, all of us, to strive to engage with